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I Was in a Car Crash – Now What?

November 18, 2022
You were lucky enough to walk away from a car crash, but what lies ahead might not be easy. […]

Vision Zero, A Road Safety Plan Adopted to Reduce Accidents in Kingston

March 30, 2021
Vision Zero is a globally renowned approach to road safety that provides the City of Kingston with an opportunity […]

Circumstances Surrounding your Accident or Injury

March 6, 2017
I was in a car accident and I was charged. Can I still make a claim? If you were […]

What Happens to the Person I Sue?

October 27, 2016
As an injury lawyer practicing in Eastern Ontario, where our head office is in Kingston but with offices throughout […]

Should You Buy OPCF 44R Coverage? By an Ontario Car Accident Lawyer

February 2, 2016
Question: I am buying a car and need to purchase auto insurance. Should I buy the OPCF 44R Family […]

Family Protection Coverage Explained by a Lawyer

January 27, 2016
Ontario’s auto insurance laws and types of coverage on auto insurance policies can be very confusing for the insured […]

Cornwall, Ontario Car Accident Tort Claims and Pain and Suffering Award Deductible

January 25, 2016
FAQ: I was in a car accident in Cornwall, Ontario. I am thinking of suing the driver who caused […]

Mistakes Car Accident Victims Make After an Ontario Car Accident

January 20, 2016
After an Ontario car accident, drivers involved are often misinformed about their legal rights. Many are confused and do […]