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You don't need an injury lawyer, until you do

Social Host Liability in Ontario

March 14, 2022
Social host liability is a legal concept most commonly associated with injuries allegedly caused or contributed to by the […]

Amendments to Rules of Civil Procedure Coming into Force March 31, 2022

March 14, 2022
There are many amendments to Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure coming into force on March 31, 2022. These changes […]

‘My experience in becoming a lawyer is different than most’ – Casey Dorey

July 21, 2021
When Casey Dorey completed 7 years with our firm we asked him 7 questions about his growth from a […]

How to Manage Limitation Periods for Minors in Injury and Malpractice Claims

December 18, 2020
LITTLE PEOPLE and BIG CLAIMS I sat in the corner of the dentist exam room last week with my […]

I was injured in a car accident, or slip/trip and fall. How much is my claim worth? How long will my injury claim take to resolve? Should I get a second opinion?

March 10, 2017
I will answer the last question first: Should you get a second opinion? Probably not. If you already have […]

Are you being watched because of your lawsuit?

October 17, 2012
Am I being followed? You look over your shoulder, walk a few steps, and look again. You just can’t […]

Understanding Your Rights: Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices

June 8, 2009
“Any conduct resulting in unreasonable delay in, or resistance to, the fair adjustment and settlement of claims.” Insurance companies […]