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Ski Hill Liability: Know Your Rights

March 19, 2024
I love skiing. While the ski hill is a place of joy for me and many others, it is […]

Dangers Around the Exterior of a Residential Home: Preventing Injury

November 24, 2023
The exterior of a residential home is often considered a sanctuary, a place where we can relax, socialize, and […]

Understanding premises liability: Who’s responsible after a fall?

March 23, 2022
When winter weather quickly turns harsh, as it often does in Ontario, there tends to be a corresponding increase […]

Update: Bill 118 – Occupiers’ Liability Amendment Act

January 15, 2020
There are limitation periods you must be aware of if you have been involved in a slip and fall […]

Premises liability incidents with elevators are on the way up

May 24, 2017
The world of urban workers and dwellers is a vertical one. Condos and apartment towers reach for the clouds, many […]

Condominium slips and falls may warrant premises liability claims

March 26, 2017
When the average person slips and falls, his or her first inclination is probably to brush it off and […]

Premises liability and injuries from falls

March 7, 2017
Although the icy weather in Ontario will soon be at an end for the season, that doesn’t mean that […]

Liability matters: How liability claims work in Canada

August 31, 2016
In Canada, when you’re hurt because of someone else’s actions, you’re able to pursue a lawsuit or claim against […]