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The Impact of a Single Head Injury: Research Suggests 25% Greater Risk of Dementia

May 19, 2021
A news release by Penn Medicine, published on 9 March 2021, should lead us to rethink care, compensation, and […]

Bringing It All Together In Rehabilitation

June 18, 2019
From the initial accident to the hospital room, to the rehabilitation clinic, to the courtroom and beyond, the healing […]

Ontario study reveals high lifetime costs of brain injuries

April 14, 2017
A study published in March 2017, looks at the high costs of head injuries in Ontario. A group of […]

Severe brain injuries can change a life in an instant

February 27, 2017
In an instant, a life can be transformed by the poor decision of another person. Accidents that leave people with […]

Report releases astonishing facts about brain injuries in Ontario

February 14, 2017
A report released in Ontario brings light to the facts about one of the most potentially debilitating categories of […]

Who is to blame when brain injuries happen at a sports facility?

January 10, 2017
While an accident can happen at anytime, participation in certain activities can increase the likelihood. For example, nearly all sports […]

Brain injuries found at higher rates in prison populations

December 22, 2016
Any traumatic injury to the body has the potential to be life altering. When the brain is involved, the […]

Children who suffer brain injuries may have life-long troubles

December 20, 2016
Every parent is concerned for the safety of his or her child. They do everything they can to protect […]

Anesthesia Brain Injury

December 16, 2016
Many people in Ontario opt for heavy sedation while having dental work done. When they do so, they are […]

New type of magnetic resonance imaging sees small brain injuries

October 27, 2016
If you hit your head in a car accident, are hurt playing a sport or have injured your head […]