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Highway 17: Navigating Risks and Safer Roads Ahead in Renfrew County

March 19, 2024
Stretching from Deux-Rivières in the northwest Arnprior in the southeast, Highway 17 is the aorta of Renfrew County. It’s […]

Road Safety Concerns in Eastern Ontario and Ottawa: 2023’s Worst Roads Revealed

November 27, 2023
Road safety is a matter of paramount importance, affecting the lives of countless residents and visitors across Ontario. In […]

Kingston: Navigating the Risks on Ontario’s Third Most Dangerous Roads

November 24, 2023
Recent findings have placed Kingston as the third most dangerous city for driving in Ontario, a concerning title for […]

Who is at fault when there is a sudden unexpected stop in a rear end accident?

April 5, 2023
The issue of rear end collisions come up all the time in motor vehicle accident litigation. It is presumed […]

Rights of a Quebec Resident Injured in a Car Accident in Ontario

February 14, 2023
As a Quebec resident who is injured in a motor vehicle collision in Ontario, you may be entitled to […]

Help! I have been injured abroad

January 6, 2023
So, you have been involved in an accident outside of Canada.  What steps should you take? If you have […]

I Was in a Car Crash – Now What?

November 18, 2022
You were lucky enough to walk away from a car crash, but what lies ahead might not be easy. […]

Social Host Liability in a Commercial Setting

August 10, 2022
Introduction   Social host liability is a legal concept most commonly associated with injuries caused or contributed to by […]

Monetary Thresholds and Deductibles

May 13, 2022
Each year in Ontario are thousands of car accidents resulting in injury and death. According to the Preliminary 2020 […]

Red Light Cameras and Traffic Safety

April 13, 2022
What are Red Light Cameras?   Most car accidents leading to high rates of death and severe injuries to […]