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Vision Zero, A Road Safety Plan Adopted to Reduce Accidents in Kingston

March 30, 2021
Vision Zero is a globally renowned approach to road safety that provides the City of Kingston with an opportunity […]

Ottawa’s Most Dangerous Intersections Continue to Claim Victims at an Alarming Rate

February 23, 2021
In October 2019, we posted a blog listing the five most dangerous intersections in the City of Ottawa in 2016. The […]

Why Weren’t They Charged?!

January 28, 2020
You did everything right. They did everything wrong. What happens when the at-fault driver isn’t charged? I get this […]

Five Most Dangerous Intersections in Ottawa

October 2, 2019
Have you ever wondered what roads and intersections in Ottawa are the most dangerous?  Which ones have the most […]

When You Can’t Get Out of Bed with Your Insurer – Our current government’s “care not cash” proposal

September 11, 2019
The history of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) can’t be recited here in detail but suffice to say […]

The Ontario Budget and Injury Law

April 23, 2019
The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association provided this update on the Ford government’s first budget. The government has announced there […]

Have you looked at your auto insurance plan recently?

May 15, 2018
Have you looked at your auto insurance plan recently? Do you know how much you and your loved ones […]

“What Happens to the Person I Sue?” Car Accidents, Slip and Falls and Medical Mal Practice

October 27, 2016
As an injury lawyer practicing in Eastern Ontario, where our head office is in Kingston but with offices throughout […]

Self-driving cars. If they are available and you don’t buy one is that negligence?

August 23, 2016
Self-driving cars sound great. They’re safer, because they get rid of human error.  The trouble is that right now […]

Lawn Chairs, Long Island Ice Tea & Lawsuits – A Summer Party Primer

June 28, 2016
Planning on hosting a BBQ this summer? There is an increasing recognition by party hosts that they should be […]
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