Ottawa’s Most Dangerous Intersections Continue to Claim Victims at an Alarming Rate

By Bergeron Clifford, Casey Dorey posted in Car Accidents on February 23, 2021

In October 2019, we posted a blog listing the five most dangerous intersections in the City of Ottawa in 2016.

The 2019 statistics have recently been released by the City of Ottawa.  The list includes some new additions and one (alarming) usual suspect.


5) Greenbank Road at Iris Street/417 East

Greenbank Road at Iris Street 417 East Ottawa

The fifth most dangerous intersection in the City of Ottawa in 2019 was Greenbank Road at Iris Street/417 East and had 38 collisions. In one accident, a person became trapped and needed to be extricated with the Jaws of Life.


4) Carling Avenue at Kirkwood Avenue North

Carling Avenue at Kirkwood Avenue North Ottawa

The fourth most dangerous Carling Avenue at Kirkwood Avenue North.  This intersection saw 39 collisions.  One of the most common types of accidents at this location results from vehicles turning left onto Kirkwood from Queensway and side swiping other drivers.  The City of Ottawa plans on widening this road in the next few years.


3) Riverside Road at Heron Road and Innes Road at Tenth Line Road

Riverside Road at Heron Road Ottawa

The third most dangerous intersection in the City of Ottawa was a tie between Riverside Road at Heron Road and Innes Road at Tenth Line Road.  Both intersections saw 40 collisions. One of the most tragic accidents in recent memory (2008) happened at Riverside and Innes when an SUV carrying 5 people was struck by an OC Transo bus resulting in the death of 3 Carleton University students.


2) Catherine Street at Kent Street

Catherine Street at Kent Street Ottawa

The second most dangerous intersection for 2019 was Catherine Street at Kent Street.  There were 43 motor vehicle accidents at this intersection. Unfortunately, the additional red light cameras installed a few years ago are not working here.


1) Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive

Riverside Dr. & Hunt Club Rd Ottawa

Lastly, the most dangerous intersection in Ottawa continues to be Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive which saw 58 collisions. It is located east of the Michael J. E. Sheflin Bridge and is extremely busy even in off peak times with traffic travelling south to the suburbs and out to the Ottawa airport.  Most collisions at this intersection occur in the turning lane as motorists swing left from Riverside onto West Hunt Club, one of the city’s busiest east-west routes, second. Be especially careful when travelling through this intersection.

The City of Ottawa also released statistics on the number of motor vehicle accident injuries and fatalities in 2019.   There were the same number of fatalities in 2019 as 2016 (27).  There were slightly less injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents in 2019 (3,604) compared to 2016 (3,639).

A motor vehicle accident affects more than just the person injured. If you or someone you know has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer. You have rights as a motor vehicle accident victim and may even be entitled to compensation.




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