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    Depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your accident, you may decide to pursue an insurance claim to secure funds to help with your recovery. Your injury is legitimate, but the insurance company doesn’t seem to think so and has denied your claim. You feel frustrated and stressed, wondering what to do next as your medical bills add up, and you are potentially unable to return to work. Above all, this denial is dehumanizing. It’s common to feel voiceless in this situation, but the lawyers at Bergeron Clifford are here to listen and help.

    We have extensive experience with insurance companies, both as injury lawyers and as insiders. We understand the intricacies of many types of insurance, including Accident Benefits, Long Term Disability, Life Insurance and Critical Illness.

    What Can Cause a Denied Insurance Claim?

    As the victim of a catastrophic accident, you have likely had to undergo numerous tests and visits with doctors attempting to diagnose your injury. When your results are finally understood, there may be intricacies to your injuries depending on how severe they are. Insurance companies may be skeptical of serious concerns, such as those that affect the brain or spinal cord. They may believe your pain is not significant, and despite your inability to return to work, this will pass. Thus, they can deny your claim in an effort to deter you from seeking payment through your policy.

    Other reasons your insurer may deny your insurance is the company’s inability to accept the benefit is reasonable or necessary, and they may concede that they cannot confirm your injury occurred because of the accident that your policy is meant to cover. In any case, you could be left feeling rejected and uncertain about how to move forward. You paid into this plan, yet it has done nothing to protect you.

    Time Constraints on Insurance Claims

    Immediately after your accident, you are likely more concerned with your health than anything else, and rightfully so. This is why you may wait to contact your insurance company until you are more stable. However, there are time limits on filing a claim with your insurer. They vary from company to company, for example, many auto insurance policies have a cut-off of seven days. Different types of insurance have various limitation periods to be aware of. Otherwise, it’s possible your insurance can be denied regardless of the severity of your injury.

    If you can file your initial claim within a reasonable amount of time, yet your insurance is still denied, there are limitation periods if you choose to appeal it. While you provided the necessary documents initially, including the police report and relevant medical records, an appeal will require further documentation that you may need access to or be unaware of. That’s where an experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

    Working with Bergeron Clifford

    Our lawyers know how the system works, and we know what it takes to move a case forward. We don’t see denial as a definitive no: we see it as a request for more information – and we know what information to present. Our team can help you understand the details related to your case and work with you to acquire the benefits you deserve as they relate to your claim. If your insurance has been denied following a catastrophic accident, reach out to us.

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