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You don't need an injury lawyer, until you do

Vision Zero, A Road Safety Plan Adopted to Reduce Accidents in Kingston

March 30, 2021
Vision Zero is a globally renowned approach to road safety that provides the City of Kingston with an opportunity […]

Eldon Horner To Be Recognized for His Outstanding Achievements

March 15, 2021
Each year, the Law Society of Ontario awards the Law Society Medal to selected lawyers who have made a […]

Why Insurance Companies are Working with Communities

December 24, 2020
It might not always be known, but the insurance industry is well known for its charity and community initiatives. […]

How to Manage Limitation Periods for Minors in Injury and Malpractice Claims

December 18, 2020
LITTLE PEOPLE and BIG CLAIMS I sat in the corner of the dentist exam room last week with my […]

How the COVID-19 pandemic affects your road to recovery

September 21, 2020
What would you do if you had a serious injury that was getting worse? You would see a professional […]

Time for a change to the civil jury trial

September 17, 2020
Civil jury trials have a longstanding tradition in Ontario. However, times change. Civil trials are much different in 2020 […]

Bergeron Clifford recognized for spinal cord injury support

August 19, 2020
Six hundred spinal cord injuries are reported every year in Ontario, with motor vehicle accidents and falls serving as […]

The Insurance Company is calling. Should I call them back?

July 10, 2020
If you have recently been in a car accident or had a slip or trip and fall or another […]

Delivering hope after tragedy

June 15, 2020
Michael Curran of Ottawa Business Journal discusses the personal injury process and navigating the justice system with founding partner […]

What is a Waiver?

June 9, 2020
Do you remember the last time you went skiing? Horse riding? Rock climbing? If the answer is yes, you […]