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You don't need an injury lawyer, until you do

Contingency Fee Agreement – How Does it Work?

July 1, 2021
There are two ways to hire an injury lawyer. You can: 1) pay by the hour; or 2) enter […]

Is Your Smart Device Breaching your Privacy Rights?

June 14, 2021
Do you own a smart device that is currently on in your home? If so, recent reports out of […]

Eldon Horner To Be Recognized for His Outstanding Achievements

March 15, 2021
Each year, the Law Society of Ontario awards the Law Society Medal to selected lawyers who have made a […]

Why Insurance Companies are Working with Communities

December 24, 2020
It might not always be known, but the insurance industry is well known for its charity and community initiatives. […]

Time for a change to the civil jury trial

September 17, 2020
Civil jury trials have a longstanding tradition in Ontario. However, times change. Civil trials are much different in 2020 […]

Bergeron Clifford recognized for spinal cord injury support

August 19, 2020
Six hundred spinal cord injuries are reported every year in Ontario, with motor vehicle accidents and falls serving as […]

Delivering hope after tragedy

June 15, 2020
Michael Curran of Ottawa Business Journal discusses the personal injury process and navigating the justice system with founding partner […]

Covid-19 and the Workplace

April 2, 2020
Stores closed, streets empty, playgrounds taped off – we live in challenging times. As we all band together to […]

Trial Efficiency in 2020 and Beyond: The New Simplified Procedure & Changes to the People’s Court

January 3, 2020
On January 1, 2020, the Ontario provincial government introduced two significant changes to increase access to justice by simplifying […]

Kingston Canadians Night – A Night Honouring Chris Clifford

November 20, 2019
Please join us for Kingston Canadians Night on Friday, December 6th at 7:00 pm for a night of hockey […]