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Help! I’ve Been Involved in an E-Bike Personal Injury Accident

June 30, 2022
What To Do in the Case of an E-Bike Collision E-bikes (or electronic / motorized bikes) have grown in […]

Understanding premises liability: Who’s responsible after a fall?

March 23, 2022
When winter weather quickly turns harsh, as it often does in Ontario, there tends to be a corresponding increase […]

Dependency Loss Claims for Accidents

February 23, 2022
What is a Dependency Loss Claim? The most classic example of a dependency loss claim is when someone is […]

Obtaining Police Reports as Evidence in Your Car Accident Injury Case

August 20, 2021
The truth is in the details, and so is the devil. Uncovering the truth of what happened at the […]

Ottawa’s Most Dangerous Intersections Continue to Claim Victims at an Alarming Rate

February 23, 2021
In October 2019, we posted a blog listing the five most dangerous intersections in the City of Ottawa in 2016. The […]

Visitor Expenses Incurred by Family Members of an Injured Person

February 26, 2019
Visitor Expenses Incurred by Family Members of an Injured Person When a person is injured in a car accident […]

I was rear-ended while stopped at a red light by a truck in Kingston, and I hurt my neck and back. Who pays my medical bills?

February 24, 2014
If you have not done so already, the first thing you need to do is inform your car insurance […]

Actionable Per Se

February 11, 2011
Personal injury cases whether spinal cord injury, brain injury or chronic pain cases all share one important feature. The […]

CPA Peer Mentor Program Dinner

December 17, 2010
The Kingston office of the Canadian Paraplegic Association held its annual volunteer appreciation dinner on December 14th. Peer Mentor […]

Mock Courtroom Requires Mock Jurors

December 10, 2010
The in-house court facility in Bergeron Clifford, Personal Injury Lawyers’ Kingston office is nearing completion. Local artisan and woodsmith […]