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Premises liability and injuries from falls

Although the icy weather in Ontario will soon be at an end for the season, that doesn’t mean that slips and falls aren’t still a hazard. It is the responsibility of all property owners to keep publicly accessible areas safe. Seniors are particularly susceptible to serious injuries from falling. However, because many people aren’t sure of their rights, potential premises liability cases often get ignored.

One of the difficulties with injuries from a fall is that the extent of the injury is not always immediately apparent. If the pain is not strongly felt, there may be a natural tendency to downplay the incident. According to a study in the United States, 25 percent of seniors fall each year, but less than half will see their doctor afterwards. Unfortunately, many injuries become increasingly severe over time.

Falls cause 95 percent of hip fractures among older people, an injury that can quickly lead to prolonged hospitalization and reduced mobility. Many seniors end up with declining health after a fall, and falls have been found to reduce life expectancy among the elderly. Sadly, falls are very common, with over a quarter million seniors reported fall-related injuries in 2010.

Not all falls are caused by negligence. However, many slip-and-fall accidents are the result of someone’s failure to keep their property or facility properly maintained for the public. Knowing when to seek damages can be difficult to determine. The best option may be to contact a personal injury lawyer after suffering an injury from a fall. A skilled Ontario lawyer will be able to determine if a premises liability case is worth pursuing.

Source: newamericamedia.org, “STOP FALLS: The High Cost of Falling Down: Why Falls Are an Overlooked Health Crisis“, Elizabeth Payne, Feb. 15, 2017

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