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Mistakes Car Accident Victims Make After an Ontario Car Accident

After an Ontario car accident, drivers involved are often misinformed about their legal rights. Many are confused and do not know what they need to do. Because of this, injured drivers may inadvertently make mistakes that impact their accident benefits claims and tort claims. This article will discuss some of the mistakes Ontario drivers make after a car accident in Ontario cities, such as Belleville, Trenton, and Cornwall.

Mistake #1 – Drivers Don’t Call the Police

When drivers are involved in an accident, they may decide not to call the police to report the car accident for a couple of reasons. First, they may think the damages are minimal; therefore, they don’t want to call. However, it is often a mistake not to call the police.

Ontario law provides that if the damages to all vehicles appear to be worth less than $1,000, then drivers do not have to call the police. However, how do drivers know the extent of the damages? Most drivers are not auto mechanics and are not qualified to make that assessment. Further, some damages may not be readily apparent, such as damage under the car.

Another reason drivers may not call is because they think they did not suffer serious injuries, such as broken bones. However, they should still call the police because again, unless drivers are physicians or have a medical background, it is difficult for drivers to assess their own injuries. Oftentimes, shock and adrenaline may hide the pain immediately after car accidents. It is not until the drivers go home that they start to feel worse. Therefore, even if the injuries seem minor, injured drivers should call the police after car accidents.

Mistake #2 – Drivers Don’t Seek Medical Attention

Another mistake injured drivers make is not seeking medical attention. Immediately after the accident, drivers may feel discomfort but not excruciating pain. They may decide to go home, only to find that the pain progressively gets worse. They may think they just need a couple of days to recover because they didn’t suffer any broken bones, but they may have suffered disc herniations in their backs or necks that can become more painful as time goes on.

Waiting too long to seek medical attention can negatively impact an injured driver’s accident benefits claim or their tort claim against the at fault party. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention.

Mistake #3 – Drivers Talk to the Other Driver’s Insurance Adjuster 

After an accident, the other driver or at-fault driver’s insurance company will likely call the injured driver to ask about the accident. Drivers do not have a duty to talk to the other driver’s insurance company. What an injured driver says in the conversation may be used against them in a subsequent car accident tort claim. Therefore, it is best for drivers to tell the other driver’s insurance company to speak to their car accident lawyer.

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