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Who is the best injury lawyer? What is the best injury law firm and why?

Who is the best injury lawyer in Kingston? Ottawa? Whitby? Carleton Place? Perth and Lanark County? Peterborough? Belleville? Brockville and Cornwall?

You may be reading this article because you typed a question similar to those above into the search bar on Google. At Bergeron Clifford we are excellent injury lawyers. Are we the best? Nobody is the best. The best is an opinion and although some firms claim awards, the fact is that every client and every claim requires a unique approach and a different skill set. However, there are certain things that you should look for when selecting an injury lawyer.

Have they been in a courtroom?

When you speak to an injury lawyer ask them about their recent trial or court results. While most injury claims settle out of court some cases need to go to a trial. We try and avoid the courtroom for most of our clients because it is stressful and risky. Insurance companies know which lawyers are willing to go to court and which ones aren’t. Check our recent trial results. When you are talking to another injury lawyer ask them about their recent court results. If they don’t have any that is a red flag.

Do they know the support services in the area?

Ask the injury lawyer you are speaking with for health services in your local area. Most injury lawyers have a regional practice meaning that they provide services outside of the city where they are located. This is normal and honestly good practice. However it is not good if that lawyer isn’t tapped into the local communities. Do they donate to local charities? Do they attend local business functions with rehabilitation clinic owners and doctors? Can they help you get access to the financial advice, insurance advice, and health services that you need after your accident? If they don’t have a ready answer for the best orthopedic surgeon, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or in-home nursing care in your area, you are not talking to the right lawyer.

How accessible are they?

Ask the injury lawyer you are speaking with about their firm’s policy regarding personal access to the lawyer. Can you call them on their cell phone whenever you want? Can you come visit their office whenever you want? Will they come to your home or to the hospital to visit? How often will they give you updates on your case? Most injury lawyers, like our firm, don’t get paid until the end of a claim and only if they are successful. Because of this, in our experience, many firms avoid contact with their clients as much as possible. If they give you an hour of their time today for a claim that is not going to resolve for two more years they are not getting paid for that hour, or at least not for a couple of years. At Bergeron Clifford we believe it is our job to put our clients’ minds at ease as much as possible. It is our job to inform them of the progress of their case including any out-of -court developments and the strengths and weaknesses of their case as it evolves. We also think it is important to check in with our clients as often as necessary to make sure that our clients are getting the interim insurance funding they require to pay their mortgage and expenses and to get the proper health care support. If the injury lawyer you are talking with doesn’t have a satisfactory answer regarding their lawyer access policies and practices, you are talking with the wrong injury lawyer.

Who is the best injury lawyer? The best injury lawyer is the lawyer who puts your mind at ease. Working with a lawyer is a time consuming and trust-based process. We are very upfront with our clients about the process of going through an injury claim. It is stressful. It is not fun. A bad thing happened to you that wasn’t your fault and getting you compensation through the court system is not going to be an easy or a quick process. An average claim takes 2-3 years. One year to 18 months is lightning fast in our industry and 4-5 years is not uncommon. If you are going to be in a relationship with someone for several years, and the fate of your healthcare funding and your ability to pay your mortgage and take care of your family is in that person’s hand, you need to have confidence in them. If the injury lawyer you are talking with can’t or won’t give you the name of three other excellent injury lawyers in the area that you can speak with, you are talking to the wrong injury lawyer. Give me a call. I will explain to you how I think we can help you if I think we can. I will also give you the names of three other injury lawyers in the area who I respect and whose work is probably just as good as ours. Our goal is to ensure you are getting the best support for your particular case.

Who is the best injury lawyer? We hope you find the answer to this question in the right way for you and your family. If you give me a call I will help you do just that.

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