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We understand that being in a burn accident can be a life-shattering experience. Depending on the degree of burn you receive, your road to recovery could be extensive, filled with numerous surgeries and specialist appointments. What’s more, your burn can be a constant reminder of a traumatic incident that you may be marked with for the rest of your life. 

If you’ve been injured because someone else didn’t act reasonably to reduce the risk of an accident, you may be considering filing a lawsuit against them. If this is the case, you should speak with a burn injury lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

Burn Injuries in Canada 

Almost 2,000 Canadians are hospitalized for burn injuries yearly, and about 210 burn-related deaths annually. Children who get burned are more likely to suffer complications because their skin lacks many protections that adult skin provides. For this reason, children shouldn’t be left unattended in various situations, including near bathtubs, where scalding hot water can damage their skin and nerves.

What can Cause a Burn Injury? 

There are many types of burn injuries. Due to the nature of your skin, any object above 54 degrees can burn you within 30 seconds of contact. You can be burned by fire, water, harsh chemicals, and electricity. These accidents may occur at home, at work, or outdoors. The following are common instances in which burn injuries happen:

  • Accidents in the kitchen
  • Burns in the bathroom due to water that’s too hot
  • Chemical burns due to contact with cleaners, corrosives and other chemicals
  • Electrical burns when working with or near electricity
  • Touching mechanical parts that are extremely hot
  • Coming in contact with steam from pipes or overheating engine components
  • Getting into a car accident that results in a fire or extreme temperatures
  • Using devices or equipment that malfunctions or overheats unexpectedly

The Severity of Burn Injuries and Their Impact on Quality of Life 

Many burn injuries are minor and cause temporary pain and discomfort. However, an increase in the severity of the burn, such as a third-degree, can cause permanent damage to skin, muscle tissue and nerves. As a result, the course of a victim’s life may be permanently altered. Treating severe burns may require various approaches, including painful skin grafts. Victims often need to return to their doctor to treat infections and complications during recovery.

Severe burns often leave unsightly scars behind and can cause continued emotional trauma to the victim, especially if their scars are in visible areas. Physical impairment and amputation are other possible outcomes that can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life. Children with severe burns are much more likely to suffer from permanent disfigurement due to how tissue heals when the body is still growing.

Who is Liable for a Burn Injury? 

In many cases, various people’s negligent actions may be held accountable for an accident. These might include landlords, employers, product manufacturers and other people. For example, if you live in an apartment building and your landlord didn’t ensure that the fire alarms and sprinkler systems were working correctly, they could be held liable if you’re burned in a fire. Commercial property owners must take similar precautions to prevent and control fires by ensuring their guests aren’t exposed to hazardous chemicals.

A serious burn may prevent you from working, therefore slowing your income while you deal with mounting medical bills. Furthermore, you will likely be attempting to work through the emotional trauma you’ve endured while you understand how one situation changed the course of your life. 

After seeking immediate medical attention following a burn, it’s important to speak with a burn injury lawyer to see whether you may be able to recover fair compensation for your injuries. You could receive funds to cover your medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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