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Hi I’m Casey Dorey. I’m a litigator here at Bergeron Clifford. Today on Ask an Injury Lawyer, I’m here to answer a very common question – will I have to go to trial? Most of the time, no. The vast majority of cases settle without the need for trial. Some are in the neighbourhood of 95 to 97 percent.

The rules of civil procedure in Ontario encourage settlement and although most do, is important to be prepared to go to trial. We build each case as if it were. That way if the defendant or their insurance company act unreasonably we can take your case through to trial with ease and confidence.

A trial is not something to be feared and in some cases is the only way to achieve justice. If it’s necessary to take you down that path we’ll make the ride as comfortable and worry-free as possible. We’ll do that from the beginning through preparation. Thank you for joining us on Ask an Injury Lawyer. I’m Casey Dorey.