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    Cars are a necessity in our everyday lives. In Ontario, our graduated licensing system ensures drivers are aware of the rules of the road. Both federal and provincial laws lay out specific guidelines to ensure drivers are cautious and know that driving is a privilege but not a right. Despite many safeguards in place to protect drivers and encourage them to make safe decisions while behind the wheel, car accidents do happen. While some of these incidents might result in a dented door or broken headlight, others can have far more catastrophic effects.

    There are numerous reasons for serious car accidents in Ontario. Whether you got hit by a distracted driver or someone who was impaired, speed plays an important role in the severity of the collision. While you might be able to walk away from an accident with a few injuries, others lose their lives to fatal car accidents, causing devastating feelings of grief and suffering for their families.

    Catastrophic Injuries from Car Accidents

    The most common injuries caused by car accidents occur in the brain and spinal cord. When strapped into the seat of a vehicle, the force of impact from a collision can cause the body to contort and move in ways that it shouldn’t at high speeds. Without a seatbelt, however, you increase the risk of fatality.

    Physicians and medical staff may know immediately the types of injuries you have suffered and start you on a path towards potential recovery. However, they may be unable to predict the exact long-term effects your injury may have on your body. For example, a broken bone may seem like a straightforward recovery process. Still, problems surrounding how the fracture occurred could cause a soft tissue injury, leaving the area inflamed due to a laceration. In addition, it may take months to heal, leaving behind a significant scar that is constantly painful to the touch. 

    You might suffer from ongoing psychological issues as well, such as struggling to get back behind the wheel of a car or the development of a phobia. Your fear may become post-traumatic stress disorder, leaving you to avoid vehicles at all costs and isolating yourself in the process. Even with proper medical care, your recovery journey could be considerably extended while you deal with the ripple effects of your accident.


    Fatal Car Accidents

    Sometimes, injuries sustained in car accidents are too damaging to overcome for the human body. In these cases, victims may pass away before medical professionals arrive or in the hospital. Families of these victims are left to pick up the pieces of the person they have lost, potentially even having to deal with recovery themselves if they were in the car as well. Funeral costs can be overwhelming at times, and without a proper legacy plan in place, some families may struggle to support themselves financially along with the devastating emotional sorrow of their loss.


    Hiring a Fatal Car Accident Lawyer

    Wrongful death lawsuits are possible in the wake of the loss of a family member in a car accident. Working with a firm specializing in personal injury law, such as Bergeron Clifford, ensures that your legal team has the knowledge and years of experience handling such life-altering cases. There are specific parameters around filing for a wrongful death case and the process that needs to be followed. Our fatal car accident lawyers can help ensure your voice is heard, and we review all the specifics of how your life has changed since you lost your loved one. Fair compensation can be awarded to cover funeral costs, lost wages, and act as a way to cushion the devastation that your pain and suffering are causing you.


    Working with a Professional Legal Team

    At Bergeron Clifford, our lawyers understand the physical and legal implications of various motor vehicle injuries. These accidents can be the result of negligence and human error, permanently changing the course of an individual and their family’s lives. While fault in an accident may seem straightforward, the repercussions can be increasingly challenging to deal with, including those that are the result of being hit by a drunk or distracted driver or being struck as a pedestrian or a cyclist.

    Our professional legal team dedicates our resources to each case we take on. Our seasoned car accident lawyers prepare every case for trial, ensuring our clients have the best possible options in and out of court. We understand that the road to recovery can be met with setbacks, including financial difficulties, struggles around returning to work, and even fearing leaving your home. We believe in securing fair compensation for clients to enable them to live with dignity and grace. To learn more about our services, please contact us.

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