AS-Oshawa (Email Review)

On behalf of my parents and myself, we’d like to thank you, Kanon and your team for your tireless efforts and all the wonderful work that was done to reach this settlement. This just simply wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Let’s be honest, you guys turned our nightmare dealings with our previous lawyer into one of the most positive and straightforward experiences we could ever have hoped for (even with the delays from the opposing counsel). From the rush to get the case filed just inside the 2 year deadline (less than a week after first contacting your firm), to dealing with insurance adjusters, to sifting through the mountains of medical info and testimony, and organizing it into a workable knowledge repository, to the patience and thoughtful consideration shown to my mother during the discovery — doing all this during a pandemic while also being patient and understanding of my mother’s ongoing medical conditions.  For me, the best way to sum it up is: you guys rock.  Just an outstanding team with the highest level of professionalism. Bravo guys!

Please also relay thanks to Joe Dart, Kristina Beausoleil, Craig Cameron, Jaqueline Holder, Brittany Foerster, and anyone else I may have missed for which we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with from your firm.