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Hey everybody, I’m Warren White Knight and one of the partners here at Bergeron Clifford Injury Lawyers and today I’m going to answer the question -what sort of evidence is necessary to win a personal injury trial.

So as a part of our ask an injury lawyer series we often get these sorts of questions about what is it that I need to be able to prove in order to win my case. Now a personal injury case is very documentary driven and what I mean by that is that people are very focused on the way they feel and the things that they can say or explain about the way an accident a medical malpractice a disability denial or whatever it may be has affected them. But my job is to try and tell that story through documents and it’s not documents that we create it’s documents that exist.

So the most important evidences are police reports medical records insurance documents contracts things of that nature. I spend a lot of my day reading doctor’s notes reading emergency records reading ambulance call reports transcriptions of 911. Trying to understand what is it that not I’ve explained and not the injured person has explained but some third party has, because when it’s verified from an outside source it has double the impact. Because those people have no dog in the fight they have have no stake in the case. What we do is try and take a person’s story explain the way the accident has impacted them the injury has impacted them and take all the documents all of the third party sources and craft them together to tell the story to win the case. Thanks for listening to ask an injury lawyer as always send in your questions so we can answer them in the future.