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Hi, I’m Warren WhiteKnight a partner here at Bergeron Clifford Injury Lawyers, and today on ‘Ask an Injury Lawyer’, I’m going to answer the question is it important to hire a local injury lawyer or should I hire a Toronto injury lawyer. Does it matter where my lawyer is from?

Here at Bergeron Clifford we practice in all of Eastern Ontario we have offices from the east-edge of Toronto all the way to Cornwall up through Ottawa and the Ottawa valley. The big region of Eastern Ontario we have meeting spaces in those different cities. Yes, it is important to hire a local injury lawyer. The reason it’s important is because we know the communities we work in. Not only do we know the communities we understand the roads we understand how the police forces and ambulance services work in those areas.

We know the health care providers. One of the things that we do is help our clients navigate the healthcare system and get the care they need either in home or in clinic or with their doctors or referrals working with appropriate experts in those communities. To be honest, I couldn’t do that very effectively in Windsor or Owen sound-  these are communities I don’t know, I’m not part of. I don’t work in Sudbury, I don’t know the doctors to call, and I don’t know the clinics to set people up with. It is important to have a local injury lawyer.

What about a Toronto injury lawyer that sounds kind of fancy? The truth is in Canada there very few law schools and that’s important for you to know, because every lawyer trained in Canada is smart, they’re competent and they went to a good top law school. Because there’s only a few of them, lawyers who work in Toronto probably went to Queens, people who work in Kingston probably went to Queens too or they went to UFT. So is it important that you have a Toronto injured lawyer? No, because a Toronto injury lawyer may not know anything about working in Kingston. You need someone who’s accessible to you, that knows the community and can really advocate on your behalf not only in the courts but in the healthcare sphere.

I’m Warren White knight here at Bergeron Clifford as always, please send in your questions for Ask an Injury Lawyer. Thank you.