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Hi! I’m Kanon Clifford an injury lawyer here with Bergeron Clifford and this week on ask an injury lawyer we answer your question what is a pre-trial conference?

Pre-trial conference represent an important step in the litigation process they occur sometime after an examination for discovery and in some jurisdictions after a mandatory mediation has occurred but they always occur before any trial of an action. A pre-trial conference is a meeting between a judge and the lawyers in the case. Clients will be required to be at the courthouse or attend virtually for the pre-trial conference but may not actually meet the judge. The step of the pre-trial conference is twofold first they act as an opportunity for both sides plaintiffs and defendants to sit down in front of a judge and work out all the positives and negatives of their case. Second it’s an opportunity to schedule the trial, work out the details of that trial, and work through any preliminary issues before the trial. At the pre-trial conference a judge will give his or her views on the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the defendant’s case the judge’s views are not binding but they’re meant to assist the parties in setting the case down regardless of the views expressed at the pre-trial our rules of court prevent the pre-trial judge from being the presiding judge should the case go to trial when a case arrives at the pre-trial stage lawyers should have a strong understanding of their case plaintiff’s counsel should understand the liability and damages aspects of the matter and be ready to discuss both the presiding judge and defense counsel if the case is going to settle without a trial it will most likely settle at or shortly after the pre-trial conference thanks for watching this week’s ask an injury lawyer video if you want your questions featured in our next video leave it below as always subscribe and like our videos to stay up to date with injury law I’ll catch you in the next video.