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Bergeron Clifford recognized for spinal cord injury support

August 19, 2020
Six hundred spinal cord injuries are reported every year in Ontario, with motor vehicle accidents and falls serving as […]

Some surprising facts about spinal cord injuries

February 8, 2017
The pain and suffering inflicted in an accident can have serious long term implications. However, there are few ailments […]

How can occupational therapy help you after a spinal injury?

October 17, 2016
Occupational therapy is one option for those who suffer back and spinal cord injuries. When you can’t function in […]

Introducing Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

November 15, 2012
After 67 years, the Canadian Paraplegic Association is getting a facelift – beginning November 13, 2012 it will be […]

Blue food dye may be the key to healing spinal cord injuries

August 20, 2009
A common dye used in such candies as m&ms may be the best treatment discovered to cure the effects […]