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Ontario Car Accident & Insurance Law – Statutory Accident Benefits

January 11, 2016
No one wants to be in a car accident. Unfortunately, many Ontario drivers find themselves in such situations. When […]

Google Perplexed by Proposed Regulations Regarding Driverless Cars – By an Ontario Catastrophic Car Accident Lawyer

January 8, 2016
After the California DMV published draft regulations outlining how the public may use self-driving cars last week, Google has […]

Ontario Drunk Driving Accidents – Parties Liable Other Than the Drunk Driver

January 6, 2016
Question: My son was seriously injured in a car accident in Kingston, Ontario after coming home from a work […]

Self-Driving Cars One Step Closer to Being Available to the Public – By an Ontario Car Accident Lawyer

January 4, 2016
The idea of having self-driving cars on Ontario roadways and highways elicits different feelings from different people. Some think […]

Should You Get Winter Tires to Get the Winter Tire Discount? Answer by an Ontario Car Accident Lawyer

December 30, 2015
Question: I know that auto insurance companies are supposed to offer a winter tire discount in2016. When does that […]

Ontario Catastrophic Car Accident & Insurance Laws – Winter Tire Discount

December 29, 2015
Ontario is known to have the highest auto insurance rates in Canada. Ontario has been trying to reduce the […]

Ottawa Ranks 3rd for Car Accidents in Ontario, According to Allstate

December 23, 2015
According to a recent study released by Allstate Insurance, car accidents are on the rise in Canada. The finding […]

An Ontario Catastrophic Car Accident and Injury Lawyer Discusses Holiday Parties & Social Host Liability

December 13, 2015
As we approach the end of the year, many of us will be attending holiday parties, office parties and […]

What Happens to Private Donations for Car Accident Victims?

October 18, 2012
A drunk driver crosses the center line. Headlights clash. An explosive head-on collision lights up the night. Inside the […]