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Obtaining Police Reports as Evidence in Your Car Accident Injury Case

August 20, 2021
The truth is in the details, and so is the devil. Uncovering the truth of what happened at the […]

Vision Zero, A Road Safety Plan Adopted to Reduce Accidents in Kingston

March 30, 2021
Vision Zero is a globally renowned approach to road safety that provides the City of Kingston with an opportunity […]

Ottawa’s Most Dangerous Intersections Continue to Claim Victims at an Alarming Rate

February 23, 2021
In October 2019, we posted a blog listing the five most dangerous intersections in the City of Ottawa in 2016. The […]

How to Receive Income Replacement Benefits & File a Lost Wage Claim – By an Ottawa Catastrophic Car Accident Lawyer

December 19, 2015
Question: My husband was hurt in a car accident in Ottawa, and he cannot work now. A friend told […]

Recent Fatal Car Crashes in Ottawa – By an Ottawa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

December 17, 2015
Ottawa Car Accident Results in One Death and Catastrophic Injuries to Another On November 8th, there was a fatal […]

Mental Distractions and Car Infotainment Systems – By an Ontario Catastrophic Car Injury Lawyer

November 25, 2015
Almost every new car these days has a sophisticated car infotainment system. In an effort to meet consumers’ needs, […]

Completing the OCF-3 Disability Certificate – By a Kingston, ON Catastrophic Car Accident & Injury Lawyer

November 16, 2015
When an Ontario accident results in catastrophic injuries, injured motorists are entitled to receive accident benefits from their auto […]

Victims of Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Ontario are Often at a Loss – Where Should They Start? By a Whitby Car Accident Lawyer

October 28, 2015
Earlier this month, a multi-vehicle accident on Highway 401 in Whitby, Ontario claimed multiple lives and injured more than […]

When Should You Call a Kingston, Ontario Injury Lawyer After a Car Accident?

October 28, 2015
When people are injured in car accidents in Kingston and other cities across Ontario, they often wonder if or […]

Kingston & Ottawa Pedestrian Car Accidents – Sources of Recovery

October 27, 2015
According to a 2013 report by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), 9,000 pedestrians were killed and […]

Ontario Distracted Driving Law- Misconceptions About the Use of Hands-Free & Other Communication Devices While Driving

October 26, 2015
Pursuant to Ontario distracted driving law, it is illegal for drivers to talk, text, type, dial or email using […]

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury After a Kingston, Ontario Car Accident

September 30, 2015
A study published in March 2017, looks at the high costs of head injuries in Ontario. A group of […]

Ontario Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries May Be the Worst in 2015 – By a Whitby Car Accident Lawyer

September 30, 2015
Another motorcycle accident in Ontario resulted in catastrophic, life-threatening injuries to a 31 year old man this past Wednesday. […]

Ontario Car Accident Law – Types of Catastrophic Injuries

August 18, 2015
Car accidents may result in serious and catastrophic injuries to those involved. For instance, a Kingston resident driving his […]