Amputation is an intricate and unique traumatic injury. Amputation can change everything about your life. Amputation is a physical injury, but also a visible injury that can receive compensation like scarring or disfigurement.  Amputation often leads to chronic pain and even psychological impacts.

Because of its permanence, many injured people avoid amputation even when it might result in a better quality of life, with less pain and disability than living with a permanently injured limb. It is considered a catastrophic injury.

As an amputee, you have to consider every aspect of how your life has changed because of your injury. Our experienced lawyers will help you determine how to get the proper financial compensation.

Dealing With Visible Loss

Your compensation will take into account:

  • Prosthetics: Happily, replacement limbs are far better now than in the past. Unfortunately, they can still be expensive and difficult to get. Depending on the body part they must replace, and the functions required of the limb, you may also need to replace them on a regular basis.
  • Chronic pain: Many amputation survivors deal with pain and discomfort for years, either from the compensatory movements required to work around the lost limb or from the prosthetics. Phantom pain is also a frequent and terrible side-effect.
  • Career and lifestyle: The effect of your lost limb on your life depends on your career and lifestyle. Your career, family life, hobbies, and other aspects of your life need to be considered in determining the extent of your loss.
  • Emotional effects: There is a reason that many injured people choose to keep limbs that do not work and cause them pain rather than amputate them. The emotional pain of losing part of your body, and the social stigma, can be intense. If you have chosen to amputate, or if you did not have a choice and suffered amputation during the accident, you may be subject to emotional after-effects that are very serious.

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