The impact of injury on relationships and families

On behalf of the Team of Bergeron Clifford LLP posted in Accidents on February 15, 2021

Individuals who sustain injuries often impress on its effects on their personal relationships. Dealing with the pressures of an injury can have a deep impact on companionship and family life. So much so that a collective response to it may strengthen or weaken ties with a spouse or family member. Much like physical recovery, emotional healing from an injury with an affected loved one needs care and awareness.

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The truth is no one is prepared to deal with injury unless they’re confronted with the realities of it. Recovery is a personal, emotional and challenging process for families affected. These challenges could be physical – preparing for accessibility in home settings; psychological – dealing with the pressures and fears derived from an injury; or financial – expenditure on hospitalization and caregiving.

When a long-term impairment like a brain injury or a spinal cord injury is sustained, the injured victim may feel unsafe or develop insecurities that demand unique approaches of care. A family member may have to switch roles and adopt new responsibilities. The sudden nature of the demand if provided with little or no support can be a massive undertaking for one to maneuver. Coping with  stress, communicating with clarity and managing out of hand expenses are some common challenges. 

Personal injury law recognizes an injury affects more than just the victim. If injuries are sustained due to an accident, a family member can claim compensation for the following types of damages under the Family Law Act:

  • Actual expenses reasonably incurred for the benefit of the person injured or killed
  • The costs of providing nursing, housekeeping, or other services for the victim as a result of their accident-related injuries
  • Compensation for the loss of the victim’s guidance, care, and companionship, as a consequence of the accident

While every claim is different, the role of a spouse or family member in the journey of recovery cannot be undermined. Today, we remember all the wonderful partners and family members we interact with everyday, people who pick up the reins of a claim and support their loved ones unwaveringly. We extend our gratitude for their participation and support.

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