Recovering from, or adapting to, a serious injury can take time. However, given enough time and proper care, many injured people are able to return to a life very much like the one they knew before suffering the injury. For victims of spinal cord injuries, however, the possibility of leading a normal life again may be far less likely. Figures made available by Statistics Canada and the Rick Hansen Foundation reveal the grim reality for many SCI victims.

Spinal cord injuries are relatively common in Canada. As of 2012, an estimated 86,000 Canadians live with an SCI, and 4,300 new cases are added each year. That’s more than 11 new cases every day.

The prognosis for SCI victims is not always good. Life expectancy is between 15 to 30 years lower for someone with an SCI than the average Canadian. During their lives, SCI victims will require 30 times as many hours of home care than average and visit a doctor 3 times as often as most people.

Frustratingly, people living with an SCI are 2.6 times more likely to require re-hospitalization than average. Given all these statistics, it may not be a surprise to learn that a lifetime of care for an SCI can range in cost between $1.6 million and $3 million. Sadly, more than 60 percent of SCI victims are unemployed.

Spinal cord injuries can make a life unrecognizable compared to what it once was. For that reason, anyone who suffers an SCI in an accident in Ontario should strongly consider pursuing compensation. A personal injury lawyer who understands the implications of living with a traumatic injury can help.

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