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Automobile Accident Benefits: 5 of the Most Harmful Changes Coming June 1st Ted Bergeron

Example 1:

There’s a deductible on your body of almost $40,000. True. There’s a deductible on your right to be compensated for pain and suffering caused by a careless driver. Your car insurance company asked the Ontario government to increase the deductible on your body and to ensure that the deductible grows every year. The Ontario government agreed.

Example 2:

Ontario insurance companies now pay less interest on damages awarded no matter how long they stretch the claims process out. They starve injured families, people with bills to pay, instead of honouring fair claims. Lobbying by insurance companies earned changes to the law allowing them to pay less interest while they drag their heels.

Example 3:

Your car insurance company didn’t like arbitration decisions that allowed family members to be compensated for the work they did caring for injured loved ones so they lobbied government for change. That’s why your family members may not be compensated for all the work they do providing nursing or attendant care while you recover from injuries. Insurance companies lobbied for changes to ensure that no matter how much time you spend caring for your injured family member, you can only be paid an amount equal to any pay you lose, if any. If you provide caregiving at night and go to work all day (and therefore don’t lose any pay), the law now states that the insurance company doesn’t have to pay a benefit. It will pay a stranger to do the work. But not you.

5 of the Most Harmful Changes Coming in June:

Starting June 1st, your automobile accident benefits will be slashed to the bone. Here are some of the big changes:

– medical expenses covered for only 5 years, down from 10 years;

– medical expenses now blended with attendant care benefits and reduced by $21,000;

– benefits for catastrophic injury reduced by $1,000,000;

– benefits for brain injury to be restricted;

– benefits for spinal cord injury to be restricted.

The good news is that the insurance companies are making lots of money. The bad news is that very little of it will be available to you if you’re injured and don’t know the system.

What to do? Learn the system. Reasonable alternative? Hire someone who does. In Kingston, Perth or Carleton Place, your injury lawyer is Chris Clifford. In Whitby, Ajax or Pickering, your injury lawyer is Warren WhiteKnight. In Ottawa, your injury lawyer is Gavin Cosgrove. In Belleville, your injury lawyer is Joe Dart. Car accidents create serious injury. Don’t let no-fault benefits be your second accident. Call Bergeron Clifford, Injury Lawyers for help.

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