On February 26, 2016 Bergeron Clifford hosted a seminar on the changes to the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) which will come into force in the next few months, as well as the change from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) arbitration regime to the new dispute resolution system under the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT) which will begin April 1, 2016. The reduced insurance benefits under the SABS are an item of great concern for many stakeholders, and the transition from FSCO to the LAT is somewhat of an unknown for many at this time. The lawyers at Bergeron Clifford and other Eastern Ontario industry experts and health professionals spoke and sat on a panel aimed at providing guidance in this time of uncertainty and change. Bergeron Clifford was very happy to host a government representative from the LAT who was able to give crucial insight into the new regime and the policy objectives set down by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Given the complexity and the great importance of the pending changes the seminar registration filled to capacity far in advance, and a variety of professions were in attendance. Insurance adjusters came to learn about how this will impact their ongoing and new claims, trauma doctors and other physicians came to learn about how the changes will impact discharge planning following an accident, and other treating health professionals sought information on how the reduced benefits under the SABS will impact their work with the injured population. Many lawyers were in attendance as the changes to the SABS and the transition from FSCO to the LAT will impact upon every claim from the moment it is opened. The major takeaway of the day was that the changes to the SABS and the new LAT regime will mean that the connection between injured people and their families, health providers, and lawyers will need to be formed earlier and monitored more closely as a claim is developed and evolves. Bergeron Clifford will continue to bring interested parties together to find solutions that will help our clients get the care they need when they need it.