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Self-Driving Cars One Step Closer to Being Available to the Public – By an Ontario Car Accident Lawyer

The idea of having self-driving cars on Ontario roadways and highways elicits different feelings from different people. Some think that having a self-driving car is the way of the future, and that it may even prevent car accidents in Ontario. Others are not too keen on the idea. Technology after all, does malfunction and have glitches. Drivers may not want to place their lives in the hands of technology.

Regardless of what your feelings are toward self-driving cars, they are one step closer to being available to the public. Driverless cars have been tested in some states in the United States. One of the first states to conduct these tests was California. Back in June of 2014, Google presented its first-ever media event in California regarding self-driving cars. Google was testing its self-driving cars on California roadways. However, the California DMV required drivers to remain attentive behind the wheel when the cars were being tested. They could not nap, take their eyes off the road, or engage in activities such as texting or dialing a phone.

Earlier this month, California regulators published draft proposals regarding the public’s use of self-driving cars. In order to use a self-driving car, a fully licensed driver must be behind the wheel, ready to react and takeover in the event of an emergency. Therefore, a person who does not have a driver’s license may not use a self-driving car.

Though some of the cars that have been tested on California roadways do not have manual or traditional controls, i.e., steering wheel and pedals, the California DMV feels that these cars need more testing on public roads prior to making the technology available to the general public. Thus, the proposed regulations require self-driving vehicles to have manual or traditional controls. This way, drivers can step in and take over the steering wheel and/or apply the pedals in an event of an emergency. With the proposed regulations, it appears that self-driving cars without controls will not be available for consumers for the foreseeable future.

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*Source: www.bbc.com (Self-driving cars ‘must have driver’, regulators insist)


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