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Ottawa Ranks 3rd for Car Accidents in Ontario, According to Allstate

According to a recent study released by Allstate Insurance, car accidents are on the rise in Canada. The finding was based on the number of car accident claims made to the insurance company. Allstate reports that in 2014 and 2015, there were 7.3% more reported collisions in Canada than were reported in 2013. In Ontario, the number of car crashes is up 8.4% over last year. Ottawa ranked third for the highest collision rates in Ontario. Though Allstate’s study only looked at data specific to its customers, Allstate felt that it was important to share the trend.

The study also revealed that most accidents happen on Fridays, and the lowest number of accidents happen on Sunday. According to Allstate’s accident data, the most common type of motor vehicle accident is rear-end collisions. The second most common type of accident involves turning i.e., intersection accidents. In addition, the winter months of December, January and February are the months in which most accidents happen. This is not surprising as winter weather is often a factor during these months.

Common Causes of Ontario Rear-End Accidents

It is not surprising that rear-end accidents account for the highest number of accidents. Causes of rear-end accidents may include:

• drivers texting while driving,

• drivers talking on the cell phone while driving,

• drivers following too closely, or

• drivers speeding.

Rear-end accidents are preventable. As December is one of the months with the highest number of accidents, it is important for Ontario drivers to remember the following safe driving tips.

Leave a Safe Distance Between Cars

It is important for Ontario drivers to leave a safe distance between their cars and the cars ahead of them. In the event that there is a sudden stop in traffic, leaving a safe distance between cars allows drivers enough time to stop and avoid rear-end accidents.

Slow Down

Many drivers are in a hurry to get somewhere and may speed to arrive at their destinations on time. It is better to be late than to cause an unnecessary catastrophic car accident in Ontario. This is especially true when there is precipitation on the roads, such as rain or snow. Slowing down can prevent car accidents.

Do Not Drive Distracted

Whether it is talking on a phone while driving or changing the radio station, drivers need to stop these kinds of dangerous driving behaviours. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road at all times. Accidents happen in a matter of seconds. Taking your eyes off the road for a second to dial someone’s number can result in a catastrophic head-on collision.

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*Source: www.ottawasun.com (Ottawa one of province’s worst communities for car crashes:insurer)

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