FAQ: I was in a car accident in Kingston. I was hit by a driver who was texting while driving. I fractured my leg in multiple places. I am a construction worker and cannot work because of my leg. I cannot climb up and down ladders to perform the work, and I have no income to support my family while I am recovering and doing rehabilitation. I want to sue the driver, but do not have the money to pay a lawyer. What are my options?

Answer: Kingston car accident victims often face stressful financial situations after catastrophic accidents and injuries. Many cannot work as a result of their injuries and find themselves having financial problems, especially if they are the main wage earner in the family.

Most personal injury lawyers in Ontario operate under contingency agreements. In other words, the lawyers’ fees are paid from the victim’s financial recovery as a result of a tort claim or settlement with the at-fault party’s auto insurance company.

At Bergeron Clifford, we operate under contingency agreements. Therefore, our clients do not have to pay for our services until the case settles or we recover judgment for you after a trial.

In addition, we always offer free consultations. Many car accident victims do not know whether they have a viable legal claim against the at-fault driver and need to consult with car accident lawyers. However, many people never consult with a lawyer because they think they have to pay for a consultation. At Bergeron Clifford, initial consultations are free, regardless of whether car accident victims have a case or not. At the initial consultation, we would discuss the individual’s rights and case. If we determine that we cannot help the individual, we do not charge for the consultation. Car accident victims have nothing to lose when scheduling a consultation.

Another question you may have is what happens if there is no financial recovery from the tort claim? Do you have to pay for the legal fees? The answer is no. We assume this risk. That is why we evaluate each case carefully, and we do not file frivolous claims. If there is no recovery, you do not have to pay the legal fees or costs associated with the tort claim.

We understand that you are facing financial strain, and it is best to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to explore your legal rights. Our experienced lawyers can answer all of your questions and concerns. If we file a tort claim on your behalf, we will work with you and move the case toward a financial recovery. Call to schedule a FREEconsultation. 866-384-5886