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Fatal Bus Crash on Highway 401 near Kingston, Ontario

Last week, a catastrophic bus accident on Highway 401 injured dozens of passengers. One passenger sustained life-threatening injuries and was flown to an Ottawa trauma centre.

A double-decker Megabus, travelling from Montreal toward Kingston, Ontario, slammed into a tractor-trailer on Highway 401. According to reports, passengers were thrown around the bus. The front of the bus was mangled and crushed with passengers stuck inside of it. When emergency responders arrived, the Megabus was in a ditch leaning up against several trees.

leaning up against several trees.

This is not the first time a Megabus was involved in a serious accident on Highway 401. On December 28, 2014, another double-decker Megabus flipped onto its side after a chain-reaction crash on Highway 401.

Megabuses have recently been involved in other collisions in North America. In April of this year, at least 10 people were injured when a Megabus collided with a truck near Indianapolis. A few months prior to that, more than a dozen people were injured in a Megabus crash in Indiana when the Megabus driver failed to stop or slow down for traffic created by a fatal crash 2 hours earlier.

Injured Passengers’ Legal Rights

In Ontario bus accidents, injured passengers are almost never at fault. That’s because bus accidents are usually caused by the negligence of the bus driver or another driver, such as the driver of a car or truck.

Common examples of negligent conduct leading to a bus accident include:

  • talking on the phone while driving,
  • texting while driving,
  • nodding off at the wheel due to fatigue,
  • driving too fast for the road conditions, such as rain or snow, or
  • following too closely to the car ahead.

Injured passengers may file tort claims or lawsuits against the at-fault drivers. If the accident is caused by the driver of a bus, such as Megabus, the passengers would file a claim against the driver and Megabus. If the accident is caused by another driver, the passengers would file a lawsuit against that driver. Sometimes, both drivers may be at fault. Thus the bus driver, bus company and other driver may be sued together in one lawsuit.

Help After an Ontario Bus Accident

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