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Ontario Intersection Accidents & Financial Compensation

Ontario intersection car or truck accidents often result in serious injuries. Oftentimes, these car accidents do not just involve 2 vehicles. They often involve multiple vehicles due to second or third impacts. Below are 2 scenarios of how multi-vehicle intersection accidents may happen in Kingston, Ottawa or Whitby.

Running a Red Light

When drivers are distracted, such as talking or texting on their cell phones, they do not have their eyes on the road and their attention is diverted from driving. When this happens, drivers often do not pay attention to the road ahead of them. Inattention when driving often leads to serious intersection accidents. For example, imagine a scenario where a driver enters a busy intersection in Kingston, but due to cell phone use, does not see that the traffic light ahead has turned red. As a result, the driver strikes the car immediately in front of him, causing a chain reaction. That car is then pushed into oncoming traffic and is struck again.

Left Turn, Failure to Yield

Another common multi-vehicle intersection accident may be caused by a driver attempting to make a left turn. A driver navigating a left turn must often cross several lanes of traffic. Failing to yield the right of way can lead to an intersection accident, i.e., the driver turns and strikes a car traveling through the intersection.

Compensation for Injured Drivers & Passengers

Drivers and passengers involved in multi-vehicle intersection accidents may be seriously or catastrophically injured. As a result, they may file Ontario car accident lawsuits against the at-fault drivers. However, determining which driver caused the accident may at first be confusing since the accident involved multiple vehicles. In addition, when multiple vehicles are involved in an accident, insurance issues often arise.

Another concern is what happens if the driver who caused the accident doesn’t have enough insurance coverage to compensate all injured parties. What do innocent drivers and passengers do then?

The Ontario Policy Change Forms (OPCF) 44R Family Protection Coverage

The OPCF 44R family protection coverage kicks in when the at-fault driver does not have enough liability coverage to financially compensate an injured driver or passenger after causing a car accident. This coverage does not come from the at-fault driver’s auto insurance; rather, it comes from the injured driver or passenger’s own auto insurance policy.

The amount of the OPFC 44R coverage is equal to the injured driver’s liability coverage. Thus, if an injured driver has $200,000 in liability coverage, then he/she also has $200,000 in OPCF 44R family protection coverage.

It is important to note, however, that this coverage is optional. Thus, if an injured driver does not purchase this optional coverage, then this coverage is not available to him if the other driver does not have enough liability coverage.

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