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The Fight Against Distracted Driving Starts with Children

Many of our Ontario car accident legal articles discuss the problem of distracted driving, i.e., talking while driving and texting while driving. We often emphasize the crucial role that parental guidance plays in preventing distracted driving. Parents need to set examples for their children while driving.

Many parents may text and talk while driving their kids to school, soccer games, etc. They don’t realize that their kids are watching them. When the kids get older and are able to drive, they too will likely text or talk while driving because they have seen their parents engage in that behaviour most of their lives. Parents may think that because the children are so young, they will not remember their parents texting or talking while driving, but they do. Children are impressionable and will follow their parents’ example.

In addition to setting a good example, parents need to talk to their children about the dangers of distracted driving. These conversations should take place not only when the children are ready to drive, but when they are younger.

In fact, as part of the nationwide Leave the Phone Alone campaign, the Ottawa Police is collaborating with schools across the region to talk about the dangers of distracted driving. They will bring educational videos, banners, thumb bands and pledge cards to schools this month. The kids will also bring home activity books about the dangers of distracted driving to work on with their families.

While most distracted driving programs target teen drivers and adult drivers, the Ottawa Police’s program targets children as young as first grade, in addition to high school students. The Ottawa Police believes in the importance of curbing dangerous driving behaviour from an early age and wants to plant the message early, that distracted driving is dangerous and that it kills. The videos used in the program are specially designed to be age-appropriate.

Sgt. Hull from the Ottawa Police says that they want to teach young children not to engage in distracted driving so they will understand that it is not acceptable when they grow up, similar to the approach taken to combat drinking and driving.

We completely agree with Ottawa Police’s belief that we have to teach young children about the dangers of distracted driving. When they see their parents text and drive, they may speak up and ask their parents to stop. Perhaps the parents at this point will realize how unwise they are to text and drive with their children in the car and will finally stop this dangerous behaviour.

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