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Freezing Temperatures Lead to Serious Accidents Across Ontario

As residents of Ontario continue to experience freezing temperatures in the next couple of weeks, car and truck accidents continue to pile up due to freezing temperatures and snowfalls.

On the last Thursday of January (1/30), Mother Nature dumped 10-15cm of snow in Ottawa. That night, temperatures plummeted and put Ontario in a deep freeze. The snow stopped in most of Eastern Ontario by Friday morning. However, strong gusty winds causing whiteouts coupled with freezing temperatures resulted in treacherous driving conditions for drivers in Ottawa and other Ontario cities, like Kingston and Whitby. Patches of black ice were on many roads and highways. There were numerous car and truck accidents in Ottawa, Kingston and surrounding areas. According to the Ottawa Police, they responded to a total of 163 crashes due to the wintry road conditions during those 2 days.

Ontario Provincial Police also responded to multiple crashes and spinouts. A problematic area was the Highway 401 corridor. A stretch of the highway from Prince Edward County to east of Kingston had numerous serious crashes, resulting in several closures.

Though wintry road conditions may be a contributing factor in many Ontario auto accidents, drivers may still be liable for the accidents and injuries suffered by other drivers and passengers. For instance, a driver driving too fast for the road conditions may lose control after driving over a patch of black ice and cause a head-on collision, resulting in the other driver to sustain catastrophic injuries. Though the black ice may have contributed to the car losing control, the driver would not have lost control of the car if he reduced his speed accordingly.

In such a case, the catastrophically injured driver may be able to file a tort claim or lawsuit against the speeding driver to recover damages such as medical expenses and lost wages not covered by accident benefits, in addition to pain and suffering damages.

Steps to Take at the Accident Scene After a Car or Truck Accident

Below are 2 things that every driver should do if they are involved in an auto accident.

1. Contact the police.

It is important that Ontario drivers call the police after being involved in car or truck accidents. The police will investigate the accident scene and provide a report. Many times, the police report is helpful in determining who was at fault in the accident.

2. Exchange contact information.

Drivers should exchange contact and insurance information after the accident. If there are witnesses, drivers should also get their information. They may be able to provide helpful information if there is a lawsuit, i.e., witnesses can describe how the accident happened and who caused the accident.

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These things may seem to make perfect sense, but many drivers are in shock after car or truck accidents and forget to get witness information or call the police.

Help After a Catastrophic Car or Truck Accident in Kingston, Ottawa or Whitby

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*Source: www.ottawasun.com (Snow, winds lead to 150+ crashes in region)

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