FAQ: I called my auto insurance company after my auto accident in Kingston last week. The insurance company is sending accident benefit forms. What exactly are the forms? Do I have to fill out the forms myself, or can I have a lawyer complete the forms for me?

Answer: The forms your auto insurance company is sending you are also known as an Accident Benefits Application package. The forms essentially help the insurance company determine your eligibility to receive accident benefits after your car accident in Kingston, Ontario.

Yes, you can have a lawyer fill out your accident benefits forms. On top of dealing with medical treatments for your injuries, understanding and completing these forms can be an overwhelming process. In addition, you need to make sure that the forms are returned before the deadline, which is within 30 days of receiving the forms.

At Bergeron Clifford, our lawyers help our clients complete the accident benefits forms. When we are involved, we make sure that the forms are completed within the 30 day deadline. In addition, we make sure that the forms are answered properly to ensure that our clients receive all of the accident benefits they are entitled to, such asmedical and rehabilitation benefits and income replacement benefits.

Many drivers who are injured in auto accidents due to no fault of their own do not know that their own auto insurance companies step in to pay for their medical expenses and other expenses or that they may receive income replacement benefits.

Some of the forms you may receive are the following:

  • OCF-1 (Application for Accident Benefits) – this form requires you to answer questions regarding the accident, your injuries, etc.
  • OCF-2 (Employer’s Confirmation of Income) – this form requires your employer to answer questions regarding your income.
  • OCF-3 (Disability Certificate) – this form requires your medical provider to provide information about your injuries.

The amount of accident benefits you receive is dependent on the extent of your injuries. Your auto insurance company will place you in one of three injury categories:

  • minor injury,
  • non-minor injury, or
  • catastrophic injury.

If you inadvertently leave out information about your injuries, you may be placed in the minor injury category rather than the non-minor injury category. If you are placed in the minor injury group, your medical and rehabilitation benefits are capped at $3,500. If you are placed in the non-minor injury group, you are eligible to receive up to $50,000 in medical and rehabilitation benefits.

Sometimes, even when an insured injured driver has a non-minor injury, the insurance company may place him/her in the minor injury category. Without the help of a lawyer, the insured driver may just accept the insurance company’s decision and not receive all of the benefits he/she is entitled to.

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