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A Kingston, Ontario Car Accident Lawyer Discusses A Fatal Car Accident Outside of Kingston over the Weekend

Over the weekend, a tragic car accident in South Stormont Township claimed the lives of a man and a woman. The car accident happened on Highway 401, about an hour and a half northeast of Kingston, Ontario.

The driver was a 65 year old woman who was travelling west on Highway 401 when her car veered off the roadway, hit a median and ended up on its side in a ditch. Sadly, the male passenger died at the scene of the accident. The driver was airlifted to a hospital, but later died from the life-threatening and catastrophic injuries she suffered in the car accident. *Source: www.ottawacitizen.com (Update: Man, woman killed in Hwy 401 crash near Stormont)

Serious and Catastrophic Accidents on Ontario Highways

Car and truck accidents that happen on Ontario highways, such as Highway 401, often result in catastrophic injuries to the drivers and passengers. They may even result in deaths like in the above accident.

Injured drivers/passengers with families who depend on them financially may face financial uncertainty due to their injuries. Families that suddenly lose loved ones after auto accidents also face the same financial uncertainty. The last thing injured drivers/passengers and the families of deceased drivers/passengers want to think about is their legal options. However, it is an issue that injured drivers/passengers and the families of deceased drivers/passengers will eventually have to deal with.

Injured drivers/passengers may file accident benefits claims with their auto insurance companies. Some of the benefits injured drivers/passengers are entitled to include: medical and rehabilitation benefits and income replacement benefits.

In addition, injured drivers/passengers may also bring tort claims against the at-fault drivers to recover financial compensation not covered by auto accident benefits.

Some of the financial compensation injured drivers/passengers may recover are pecuniary damages and non-pecuniary damages. Pecuniary damages are damages you can measure, such as lost wages and other out of pocket damages not recoverable in an auto accident benefits claim. Non-pecuniary damages cannot be measured, such as an individual’s pain and suffering.

Like catastrophically injured drivers/passengers in Ontario, families of deceased drivers/passengers may also file claims for Ontario accident benefits, such as funeral expenses, spousal death benefits, and dependent’s death benefits for each child under the age of 18.

Help Filing Ontario Accident Benefits Claims After Catastrophic Car or Truck Accidents

It is often a stressful and emotional time for injured drivers/passengers, their families and the families of deceased drivers/passengers after catastrophic auto accidents in Ontario. Let the lawyers at Bergeron Clifford help you and your family file accident benefits claims and lawsuits. Our car and truck accident lawyers have the expertise and experience in helping injured drivers/passengers and their families secure the maximum benefits they are entitled to after accidents in Kingston, Ottawa or Whitby. Call to schedule a FREE consultation. 1-866-384-5886

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