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Importance of Seeking Medical Treatment After Motor Vehicle Accidents in Kingston, Ottawa and Whitby

Residents of Ontario cities, such as Kingston, Ottawa and Whitby, are often injured in car/truck accidents. All parties involved in the accidents are on their way to a destination, whether it is home, work or school. When injuries are catastrophic and serious, injured parties are transported to hospitals for medical evaluation and treatment.

Not all motor vehicle accidents result in catastrophic injuries. In non-catastrophic accidents, individuals who are injured may refuse initial medical treatment for various reasons. They may have to get to work for an important meeting and do not want to lose their jobs for not showing up. They may have to pick up their children from school and do not want to leave their children stranded. Some may also think that going to the hospital is an inconvenience and that the pain and discomfort will go away with rest.

What these injured drivers do not realize is that many injuries are not apparent at first. Pain may be masked by shock and adrenaline as a result of the accidents.

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Consider the following: a mother leaves work to pick up her kids at school. She approaches an intersection, puts her right hand signal on, slows down and turns right. As she is turning, a car behind her slams into her vehicle, causing her car to spin across to the other side of the road. She finally comes to a stop after hitting a tree. She immediately has pain in her head, back and neck. Further, she is dazed and shocked, but finds her phone and calls the police. After a few minutes, the police and ambulance arrive at the scene. She is interviewed by the police. Though she is in pain, she refuses to be taken to a hospital because she wants to get her kids. She believes that the pain will probably go away in a few days.

That night, her neck and back pain continues to get worse. She takes some Advils to help her with the pain. The next day, she still feels the pain, but decides to tough it out and go about her day. After all, she has responsibilities as a working mother to her work and her children.

A week goes by and her pain gets worse, and her headache does not go away. She finally seeks treatment and discovers that she has two herniated discs in her cervical spine (neck) and lumbar (lower back) spine. She is also diagnosed with a concussion.

Therefore, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after a car accident in Ontario.   Receiving medical help immediately or soon after the accident also helps document that the injuries drivers/passengers suffer were actually caused by the accident. Proving that certain injuries were caused by an accident may become difficult if there is a lag of time from the date of the accident and the first date of medical treatment. If the injured individuals file lawsuits against the at-fault drivers, the medical records will become important.

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