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Dangers of Using Cell Phones While Driving in Kingston, Ottawa & Whitby

The use of cell phones while driving is a huge problem and causes many serious, if not fatal, car, truck and pedestrian accidents across Ontario. Drivers often talk and text on their cell phones and check their emails while driving.

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The use of cell phones causes 3 types of distractions:

  • cognitive,
  • visual, and
  • manual.

Research has shown that the act of driving while using a cell phone causes a 37% reduction in the cognitive brain activity needed for driving. In other words, talking on a cell phone reduces the brain’s ability to notice visual cues.

When drivers talk or text on their cell phones while driving, they are risking their lives and other people’s lives on the road. The way drivers operate their vehicles is seriously impaired. Some of the typical dangerous impaired driving behaviours will be discussed in this article.

Drift in Traffic

Drifting in traffic is a common, dangerous driving pattern which occurs when drivers use cell phones while driving. When drivers are using their cell phones to text or call, their eyes are not on the road. They have to look down or look at their phones to type the numbers or letters. When they are doing this, their cars start to drift into adjacent lanes. The cars may even drift into lanes going the opposite direction, which can cause head on collisions.

Slow Reaction Time

Drivers who use cell phones while driving also have slower reaction times. They may not be able to brake in time if their eyes are not on the road. Further, even if they do brake, they are slower to resume traveling at a normal speed because they are on their phones.

Drivers are also slow to react to traffic signals. They may drive through an intersection because they do not realize that a traffic light turned red.

Varying Following Distance

Drivers who are on their cell phones also do not drive at consistent speeds. The distance between their cars and the cars in front always varies. The drivers slow down, then speed up, and then slow down again.

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Source: news-medical.net, “New study reveals economic burden of emergency department visits for traumatic brain injury“, March 29, 2017

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