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Self-Driving Cars – A Solution to Driving While Texting?

Google is always coming out with new technology. One of Google’s newest products is the self-driving car, which is coming out in 2020. Yes, you read it right, Google is coming out with a car that drives itself.

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This past May, Google presented its first-ever media event in California regarding the self-driving cars. *Source:www.time.com (What It Really Feels Like to Ride in a Self-Driving Car)

The director of the project started the presentation by saying that there is a need for self-driving cars. He noted that 33,000 people in the U.S. and 1.2 million worldwide die each year in car accidents, mostly because of mistakes made by human drivers.

Google’s customized, self-driving Lexus SUV has logged over 700,000 miles without causing an accident. In other words, this car has a better driving record than most drivers.

The car is programmed to be extra cautious and will not push its luck like a human driver. There are sensors all around so that it can detect what is around it. The car’s system also breaks down every object in the car’s path. It can dodge small potholes and cyclists. Its various sensors can also keep the car out of another car’s blind spot. If something unexpected happens, the driver behind the wheel can manually take over the wheel. These are just some of the features the car has.

The self-driving cars are currently being tested in California, and the California DMV has implemented some rules on how the cars can be tested. Drivers have to remain attentive behind the wheel; they cannot nap or do anything else that may take their eyes off the road.

Some people cannot wait for the cars to become available. They can then do other productive activities while the car drives itself, i.e., they can talk on the phone, text on the phone, check emails, and read newspapers while the car is driving. By being able to do other things while the car drives itself, it also makes sitting in a car for hours on end due to a traffic jam more bearable.

Others, understandably, are more skeptical. They don’t trust that an automated car will keep them safe. There always seems to be some glitch with technology. The response from the automated car supporters is that they would rather be on the road with carefully calibrated cars than with drivers who are drunk, high or texting on their phones.

Will Automated Cars Solve the Problem of Drivers Who Text While Driving?

Could it put an end to the problems of texting while driving? No one knows. When the cars become available in the U.S. and Canada, legislators may have to draft new laws. Though a driver may be able to read emails or text on a phone while the car drives itself, should the law still require a driver to remain attentive? Even though a driver can take over the wheel if something unexpected happens, can the driver react fast enough if they are reading an email?

We will have to wait and see what happens when these cars are made available for purchase.

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