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What is your Ontario Car Accident Worth in Kingston, Ottawa or Whitby? By an Ontario Car Accident Lawyer (Part 2)

Victims of Ontario car accidents often want to know how much their cases are worth.  Every case is different, and different factors affect the value of the case.  The same injury may affect people differently, and hence, the value of their cases may be different.

In part 1 of this article, I discussed how the type of injury and lost wages affect the value of an injured car accident victim’s case.  In part 2 of the article, I will discuss other factors that affect the value of an Ontario car accident lawsuit.

Pain and Suffering

An important factor that affects the value of all car accident cases in Ottawa, Kingston and Whitby is the victim’s pain and suffering.  Victims are affected differently by their injuries.

An injury may affect a car accident victim who is 20 years old differently than a victim who is 65 years old.  Let’s assume in a Kingston car accident, a 20 year old suffers a broken ankle in her right leg and needs surgery.  After she is able to bear weight on her leg after the surgery, she gets physical therapy for several months.  Her broken ankle heals properly, and she is able to return to her life doing the things that she could not do because of the broken ankle, such as exercising, walking without pain, etc.

If a 65 year old woman sustains the same ankle injury in a car accident, she may not recover the same way as the 20 year old.  If she receives surgery, her ankle may not heal properly.  The broken bone may not fuse properly.  Due to her age, it may take longer for her bones to heal.  She may need a second surgery.  She may also need more physical therapy than the 20 year old after the surgery.

Therefore, the pain and suffering endured by the 65 year old may be significantly worse than what the 20 year old suffered, even though they had the same injury.

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Daily Life

What injured victims do in their daily lives before and after the auto accidents also affects the value of their car accident lawsuits in Ontario.  How did the accidents change the victims’ lives? What activities did the injured victims used to do that they can no longer do because of the injuries from the car accidents?

For example, the life of an active father with young kids may be significantly affected.  He may have played sports with his children, coached their soccer teams and performed all of the house chores outside the home, such as mowing the lawn.  He may not be able to do any of those things if he sustains multiple fractures in his leg.  He may be immobile for many months after his injury and have to undergo surgery and therapy.  Therefore, the value of his case may be increased because of what he can no longer do.

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