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Texting While Driving – Not the Only Distraction that Leads to Ontario Car, Truck or Bus Accidents

While everyone knows that texting while driving is dangerous and that it can lead to serious car, bus or truck accidents in Ontario cities such as Ottawa, Kingston and Whitby, there are also other dangerous distractions that lead to auto accidents.  When a driver takes one hand off the wheel to do something else, for example, he takes his eyes off the road and is distracted.

Eating in the Car

For most people, getting to work in the morning can be quite hectic.  Often, drivers take their breakfast and coffee with them in the car, or they stop by local coffee shops to pick up breakfast on their way to work.  Therefore, many drivers are eating in their cars, SUVs, and mini-vans in the morning.  Though many drivers think that it’s harmless to eat while they are driving, it is really quite dangerous.

For instance, when a part of the sandwich drops on the driver’s lap or to the floor, the driver may try to reach it.  He takes his eyes off the road and looks down to try to pick it up.  Even though it takes just a few seconds, a car in front of him could stop, and the driver may not have enough time to stop his car before causing a rear-end accident.

Using a GPS System

Another distraction many drivers engage in is using GPS systems.  Though they are very useful, using GPS systems while driving causes automobile accidents.  Many drivers punch in the address information while they are driving, rather than before they start driving.  Hence, a driver is looking at the GPS system and not looking at the road.  The driver can then run through a red light because he is not paying attention and t-bones another car going through an intersection.

Applying Make-Up

Many drivers also apply make-up while they are driving.  They look in the rear view mirror or the mirror inside the visor to apply make-up.  Again, drivers’ eyes and attention are diverted from the road, and drivers may not be able to stop in time if traffic ahead comes to a sudden stop.

Though Ontario law enforcement, governments, community groups, and even insurance companies have been trying to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving, drivers in Kingston, Ottawa and Whitby should also be aware of the dangers of other types of distracted driving.  Automobile accidents caused by drivers who were texting on their cell phones or were distracted in other ways are completely avoidable.

Hit and Injured by a Driver who was Texting or Distracted?

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