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Ontario Provincial Police’s Effort to Prevent Truck Accidents this Past Easter Weekend in Ontario

Ontario motor vehicle accidents on highways such as Highway 401 and Highway 416 from Kingston to Ottawa can result in serious or even fatal car, bus or truck crashes.  When auto accidents involve tractor-trailers or trucks, the damages to the trucks and cars involved are more serious, and the injuries to the victims may also be more serious.

This is due to 2 reasons: first, the trucks are traveling at a higher speed on the highway compared to local roadways, which leads to more severe impacts, and second, the trucks themselves are much bigger than cars and minivans, which leads to more serious damage and injuries to the drivers/passengers.

In fact, this past Easter weekend, police in Ontario and Quebec teamed up with law enforcement in New York, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire to crackdown on traffic violations, such as speeding, reckless driving and not wearing a seatbelt, along the Highway 401 corridor.  Source: www.cbc.ca (Police cracking down on Highway 401 corridor this weekend)

Last year, 2 university students from Ottawa were tragically killed after their car collided with a pick-up truck as they were headed home for Easter on Highway 401, and this is the type of accident the police want to prevent.

Ontario Tractor-Trailer or Truck Accidents

When drivers, passengers or pedestrians are injured in truck accidents, they may be overwhelmed and do not know what to do.  They may have serious injuries that significantly impact their daily lives.  Some of the things they may not be able to do are:

  • go to work,
  • perform daily house chores,
  • perform daily grooming,
  • take care of their children, and/or
  • pursue outdoor hobbies such as riding a bike, gardening, etc.

Injured individuals need help financially and emotionally.  Financially, they may file a claim with their car insurance companies for accident benefits such as medical and rehabilitation benefits, income replacement benefits and even attendant care benefits.

However, these benefits may not be enough to compensate injured victims for their lost wages because the amounts received are not 100% of their lost wages.  In addition, benefits do not compensate injured victims for pain and suffering.  Therefore, they may file a lawsuit or tort claim against the careless drivers to recover damages not recoverable from accident benefits claim such as pain and suffering.

After a car accident in Kingston or Ottawa is a very confusing time for injured victims, and it is best for victims to seek help from Ontario car accident injury lawyers who can help them through the process.  In addition, there are strict timelines injured parties must comply with, such as when to report a claim or file a lawsuit, in order to recover accident benefits from the insurance policy or recover damages from a lawsuit.

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