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The State of Ottawa Road Safety

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The Safer Roads Ottawa Program is a partnership between Ottawa Fire Services, the Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Public Health and the city’s Public Works Department that was started in 2004 with the goal of reducing serious injuries and deaths on Ottawa’s roadways.

The group releases an annual safety report that tallies vehicle collisions and the resulting injuries that take place throughout Ottawa. And while a year’s worth of statistics can be informative, the real value comes in comparing the trends over the past few years.

Based on an analysis of the Ottawa Road Safety reports over the past few years, it’s been found that Ottawa’s roads are getting busier by the year, but the number of personal injuries has been declining annually. The reports also looked at the general state of road safety in Ottawa by finding the safest and most dangerous times, dates, and intersections where drivers are most at risk of accidents and injury.

Included in an infographic below is a round-up of the Ottawa Road Safety reports that includes a few valuable insights and trends that were uncovered. Here are a few interesting points worth mentioning:

  • Ottawa is currently the 3rd most congested city in Canada (and 10th in North America) with the number of drivers growing by more than 15,000 each year.
  • Despite the increase in congestion, the number of injuries from accidents is falling every year. For example, there were 4,161 personal injuries in 2008, but 2012 saw 3,432.
  • The vast majority of collisions involve motor vehicles (96% of 14,503 collisions in 2012).
  • The most dangerous time to be on the road is afternoon rush hour, between 3-6 P.M., and Friday sees the most collisions over any other day of the week (with Sunday seeing the fewest).
  • The intersection of Hunt Club Road & Riverside Drive is the top accident location in Ottawa.

While statistics are showing that the roads are getting safer, it’s important to always be cautious and careful to limit the risk of a motor vehicle injury on Ottawa’s streets. Hopefully the insights from the Ottawa Road Safety reports will help you be better educated and prepared for your daily travels throughout the city and that you always get home safe!

Bergeron Clifford - State of Ottawa Road Safety Infographic

Infographic designed by Brittney Stephenson

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