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Safer Roads in Ontario – AllState’s 2013 Safe Driving Study Results

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Here at Bergeron Clifford, we’re always looking out for information on motor vehicle accidents & injuries. In late November we noticed an article in the Kingston Whig mentioning an over 17% increase in collisions on Kingston’s roads between 2011 and 2013.

That insight came from the recently-released 2013 Safe Driving Study from AllState Canada, which investigated their customer’s collision claims across 60 communities in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec from 2009-2011 and 2011-2013.

It was at first surprising to see that Kingston had the second highest increase in collision claims over the past 2 years (second only to Milton which saw a 21.51% increase) among all the communities surveyed. However, as we looked deeper into AllState’s data (full studies available here and here (Quebec) specifically focusing on Kingston, Ottawa, and Ontario overall, the numbers started to show that Ontario’s roads have generally become safer.

Here are a few highlights:

Greatest Decrease in Collision Claims

Of all Ontario communities included in the study, the city of Brampton saw the greatest decrease in collision claims from 2011-2013 vs. 2009-2011. The collision frequency, measured as ‘per 100 cars’ fell by 25.10%. In total, 5 of the top 10 communities across Canada that saw the greatest decreases were in Ontario. Medicine Hat, Alberta led the study however, with a 46.17% decline in collision claims.

Greatest Increase in Collision Claims

As mentioned, Kingston ranked #2 in the entire study for the greatest increase in collision claims, and it’s also second in Ontario (Milton again was #1). Ottawa also made the top 10 among Ontario communities however, with a 2.16% increase in collision claims in 2011-2013 compared to 2009-2011.

Lowest Collision Frequencies in Ontario 2011-2013

On a per-100 car basis, Sarnia had the lowest collision frequency, at 3.50%. Medicine Hat led all communities again here however, with a collision frequency of 2.93%.

Kingston was in the middle, with a relatively decent collision frequency of 4.78%, despite the 17.12% rise from 4.08% over 2009-2011.

Highest Collision Frequencies in Ontario 2011-2013

The city of Milton, which saw the greatest increase in collision claims over 2009-2011 vs. 2011-2013 also reported the highest frequency of collisions in 2011-2013 with 6.37% per 100 cars. Also among the top 10 was Ottawa, with a collision frequency of 6.16%.

The general collision frequency among all communities in Ontario is however nowhere near the leader in the study, which was Montreal with 8.60% collisions per 100 cars.

How Ontario Compares to Other Provinces

AllState’s study from this year looked at 5 Canadian provinces in total, and of them, Ontario ranked #3 in collision frequency from 2011-2013 with 4.99%. The province with the highest results was Quebec, with 7.36%. Here’s how the province’s scored against each other:

  • Quebec – 7.36%
  • Alberta – 5.20%
  • Ontario – 4.99%
  • New Brunswick – 4.73%
  • Nova Scotia – 4.45%

Highest Collision Frequencies in Ontario (by Region)

Another interesting statistic covered in AllState’s study was how each region in Ontario scored for collision frequency. Eastern Ontario’s numbers were particular interesting to us, and among the 5 regions, it ranked #3, with 4.83% collisions per 100 cars in 2011-2013. The other regions reported these numbers:

  • Metro Toronto 5.88%
  • GTA 5.52%
  • Eastern Ontario 4.83%
  • Southwestern Ontario 4.65%
  • Northern Ontario 4.03%

Overall, Ontario Roads are Safer – Comparing 2009-2011 & 2011-2013

The numbers did show positive signs for the safety of Ontario roads, however. Of the 36 Ontario communities included in the study, 25 of them saw a decrease in collision claim rates in 2011-2013 compared to 2009-2011 – with 10 of those seeing double-digit decreases.

AllState’s 2013 Safe Driving Study Visualized

Safer Roads in Ontario - Infographic

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