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Brain Injury Association

Brain Injury Associations In The Kingston & Ottawa Area

Kingston & Ottawa's local brain injury associations are invaluable to individuals and families affected by these injuries. Through advocacy, education, and counselling, these associations hope to lower the risks of acquiring a brain injury, and lessen the long-term effects for those that have been touched by it.

On this page you will find a resource list of the top brain injury associations serving Kingston, Ottawa, and surrounding areas. We reached out to these associations to give them the opportunity to share their own stories, and we thank those who contributed!

List of Associations:

  • Brain Injury Association of Canada
  • Ontario Brain Injury Association
  • Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley
  • Brain Injury Association Peterborough Region
  • Brain Injury Association Quinte District
  • Acquired Brain Injury System Navigation of Southeastern Ontario

Brain Injury Association of Canada


The Brain Injury Association of Canada operates with the mission of "improving the quality of life for all Canadians affected by acquired brain injury and promoting its prevention." The BIAC curates brain injury resources and education while also connecting provincial associations from all across the country.

The BIAC also hosts an annual conference that highlights medical advancements, case studies, and treatment options in the neurological and brain injury fields.



  • The Impact Weekly newsletter curates news and articles relating to brain injuries. BIAC also publishes an E-Magazine, Impact: Pathways Ahead.
  • The BIAC Bookstore sells a variety of brain injury, health & psychology books.
  • A links page lists a variety of resources including caregivers, disability & rehabilitation, and brain injury websites across Canada.

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