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Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and other psychological after-effects are very common after an injury. When you are suffering a great deal of pain and recovery is long and difficult, it's natural to feel emotional distress. Often, the distress resolves as the injuries heal and you get back to your life.

For clients whose injuries and emotional distress do not resolve themselves, Bergeron Clifford LLP can step in.

Our lawyers understand that it's not a matter of simply telling yourself to feel better, or of cooperating with therapists to deal with your pain. Emotional damage is as real as physical damage, and can have a profound effect on every aspect of your life. Some people recover easily from broken bones, while others endure lifelong pain and disability, and that doesn't make one better or stronger than the other.

Psychological damage is no different.

When Pulling Up Your Boots Just Isn't Enough

The pain and disruption of an accident can cause feelings of sadness and anger, which may not resolve even after you are better. The trauma of the accident itself may affect you deeply. Psychological injuries can also have a profound impact on your:

  • Cognitive abilities: Your ability to concentrate, learn, communicate and remember information may be affected, especially if your difficulties are partly caused by brain damage.
  • Personal relationships: Your family and friends may have a difficult time adapting to your changed personality, especially if it's difficult for you to control your sadness, anger and irritability.
  • Job and career: Depression, PTSD and anxiety can make it difficult to interact with others, have the confidence or energy to do your job properly — and, in some severe cases, to do it at all.
  • General health: Psychological illness can leave you unable to withstand illnesses or work through them. Depression and anxiety can even cause physical pain, which causes more depression and anxiety and starts a vicious cycle.

Many of our clients may be nervous about claiming emotional damage. It's natural to feel stigma, to feel impatient with yourself for being unable to simply "get over it." You may even get that attitude from your friends, family, co-workers and insurance agents.

You won't get it from us.

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