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Chronic Pain, Headaches and Chronic Fatigue

Pain is a silent epidemic. It can severely impact your quality of life and your ability to live it fully and independently.

Fatigue can also affect every aspect of your life. Neither condition is visible, and both can defy explanation or accurate medical measurement. Both can also be easily dismissed by family, friends and insurance adjusters as "all in your head."

Chronic pain and fatigue are not injuries themselves; they are byproducts of injuries, and often accompany more easily measurable damage such as brain or spinal injury.

In Ontario, the law is more concerned with impairment in your life than it is with the details of the actual injury. If your pain or fatigue causes you impairment, then you have a qualifying claim.

Insidious Damage

From your ability to do work, to your ability to learn, concentrate, control your emotions and interact with people, pain and fatigue can cause havoc and immense loss. At Bergeron Clifford LLP we deal with various kinds of pain and fatigue, including:

  • Headaches and migraines: This can often be caused or worsened by cervical pain, and tension in the muscles in the back of the head that reduces blood flow to the scalp. It can also occur in the site of impact in head injuries.
  • Chronic fatigue: Chronic fatigue is also associated with fibromyalgia and rheumatic conditions, and can be a result of recovery from a severe accident.
  • Chronic pain: All sorts of accidents can cause chronic pain, including arthritis caused by broken bones, spinal damage, brain injury, whiplash and other soft tissue injuries. Compensatory actions you take to avoid pain, or to deal with a permanent injury, can also cause pain. It's not unusual, for example, to suffer a great deal of pain from using your uninjured leg when walking.

Our lawyers will help you get compensation if possible. We will examine your case and let you know of any possible problems, such as difficulty connecting your pain or fatigue to your injury or accident, or obtaining usable proof. We can help you decide whether it's worth your time to pursue a case.

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