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Our Lawyers Handle Complex Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical care is supposed to make you better; not worse. When a patient sustains an injury caused in a hospital, clinic, emergency room or pharmacy, it can be devastating. Clients often deal not only with pain and disability but with a sense of betrayal and regret.

When malpractice involves injuries to children, or results in fatalities, the betrayal and regret may be overwhelming.

At Bergeron Clifford LLP, we don't shy away from these cases. We offer free case assessments and can come to you, including to hospital. Call 877-391-2923 for further information.

Why Is Medical Malpractice Different?

Medical malpractice is different from most other types of personal injury. It's an area that many personal injury lawyers avoid, because of the difficulty of the cases, the level of experience and skill necessary to handle them, and because of the time and effort involved in proving a case.

Medical malpractice can involve errors in everything from diagnosis to surgery, and includes errors prescribing or dispensing drugs.

In these cases, we ask a number of questions that aren't always necessary in other personal injury cases, including:

  • What was the standard of care? In order to find a health care practitioner guilty of wrongdoing, first we need to know what a reasonable practitioner would have done in the same circumstances.
  • Did the medical error cause your injury? Unfortunately, most people are already ill or injured when they seek health care. An opposing lawyer may argue that your injury was caused by your illness and not by medical mistakes.
  • Who is responsible? Sometimes, the source of an error may be difficult to trace, especially if your injury happened in a place where many people are working together. The errors may involve, for example, an emergency ward that isn't put together well, where communication breaks down frequently.
  • Is this case worth it? We're not talking about our time and effort. We're talking about your own life. Medical malpractice cases can take a very long time, and can be difficult for clients. Part of our job as lawyers is helping you to decide whether you feel your case is worth pursuing.

If we feel you have a winnable case, and you decide to proceed, we will fight for your rights as long as it takes. The Canadian medical establishment often protects its own reputation, but we are here to protect our clients.

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